We Are Deadwood Jones

Deadwood Jones is coming to ya’ from various dusty roads…they will leave no stones unturned and no curves uncurved….their songs have been known to stir up one’s inner classic western pop hip hop that swirls in your head and gets right into your bones…they believe in celebration and down right good ol’ naughtiness.

Vocals, Guitar, Pocket Trumpet / Joan Jones

Vocals, Percussion / Bernie Barlow

Electric Guitar / Jimmy Khoury

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals / Keith Nelson

Bass, Vocals / John Nooney

Box & Other Funky Stuff / Marlon Grace (Honorary Member)

Joan Jones

singer/songwriter/trumpeter/guitar – Joan, a founder of the band, SUN 60, signed to EPIC/SONY Records released 3 records and toured nationally & internationally. She went on to release a solo record with HOLLYWOOD/DISNEY &  toured with Seal, Fastball, No Doubt, Cheap Trick, Ziggy Marley, BHTM, & many others.  Her songs can be heard in numerous film & TV shows.

Bernie Barlow

singer/songwriter – Bernie was signed to SBK/EMI Records with her band Garden of Joy.  She has since gone on to tour with Sarah McLachlan, Bob Seger, The Moody Blues, & Melissa Etheridge.

Jimmy Khoury 

guitarist/songwriter/composer whose roots are in the Classics!  He’s gonna take you back and you best be ready! Collaborator & guitarist to Beth Hart & has performed with a variety of music professionals including members of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, David Foster, & Hugh Padgham.

Keith Nelson

songwriter/guitarist/singer- This Tasmanian devil is truly a mad scientist with his degree in microbiology.  His passion is sawing away driving rhythms on his acoustic guitar & porch board while writing some of Deadwood Jones’ most infectious grooves.

John Nooney

bass/songwriter/composer/engineer/producer – A six time BMI award winning film & TV composer for such shows as Undercover Boss, American Ninja Warrior, Fast n’ Loud, Survivor, American Chopper, Dirty Jobs, Street Outlaws, & countless others.

Marlon Grace (Honorary Member)

cajon/tasty rhymes –Marlon is a self taught Box drummer providing gliding beats based in 80’s hip hop and classic rock.  He is often asked by Joan to poetically comment on a Deadwood Jones song or two throughout an evening’s performance.  He is also a founding member of the band, Boom Boom Boom.